A loveable young dragon leads his parents a merry dance whilst delaying his bedtime.

A new twist on a tale familiar to parents everywhere which kids will love to read again and again.

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About the Authors

Martin Holland & Viktorija Vaitiekute


This is the first collaboration between a wannabe author and a talented illustrator who met by chance through a mutual friend.

Martin lives in Twickenham and has four children, any one of whom could be the subject of this story.

Viktorija also lives in Twickenham and has created an impressive portfolio of art and illustrations.

This is the first in a series of children’s books.

Coming next, Drop-it-all Dragon, the dreaded visit of the clumsy cousin.


Need more convincing? Read our reviews….

A wonderfully colourful and imaginative book, in a very different style from most children’s books out there. Looking forward to the next one already
JM, Childminder
My son adored the cheeky dragon and he loved the twist at the end.
JB, Parent
Unique drawings coupled with fun words and clever rhymes, my class loved it.
DM, School teacher

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